Tools for Biodiversity Science

I strongly think that biodiversity science needs robust standardized tools to make it a better science. This passes through formalizing the workflows and developping useful abstracted tools that can be reused across contexts.

One particular concern I have is that tool developers generally receive less credit than users while they support essential function for science.

Robust tools are crucial to develop a truly reproducible science.

This collective endeavor can only take place in a open-source software environment as scientific tools are part of the common goods.

Matthias Grenié
Postdoctoral Researcher


The quantity and quality of ecological data have rapidly increased in the last decades, bringing ecology into the realm of big data. …

  1. The process of standardizing taxon names, taxonomic name harmonization, is necessary to properly merge data indexed by taxon names. …

Emphasis has been put in recent ecological research on investigating phylogenetic, functional and taxonomic facets of biological …